Weird Happenings near Woodcroft

Local short walk around Tutshill, Netherhope, Woodcroft and Boughspring ending up at a favourite cafe, Toast.

Weird goings on around the quarry where a live horror event is being prepared. Would love to put up all the photos but don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone local who is thinking of going!

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That Old Favourite

That old favourite, inspiration of J R Tolkien’s The Lonely Mountain: the Sugar Loaf above Abergavenny. A gentle, simple walk on the whole with just a few long steep climbs but generally straight forward and easy on the feet with lots of soft springy grass to walk on. After 6 weeks being confined to the lowlands it was particularly inspiring to be able to stand at the trig point and take in the sweeping views.

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A Medley of Churches

A medley of churches today around Kilgwrrwg (Cilgwrrwg), Wolvesnewton (Trenewydd Dan-y- Gaer: ‘new town under the fort’) and Llangwm.

Still nursing a dodgy foot, it was a slower trek than usual but so good to get out in the clear air of this often overlooked part of Monmouthshire.

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The Filling Station

For pretty much the past three weeks I’ve been keeping off my feet as much as possible due to a foot injury. So, it was a particular joy to finally be well enough to manage a very easy stroll along the banks of the river Wye between Tintern and Brockweir with a patient┬áChris.

We had to walk at about half our usual speed but did have enough time to stop for coffee at my favourite cafe, The Filling Station.

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Before Breakfast

Only way to fit a walk into this busy week was to go before breakfast. Interesting to do a familiar ramble at a different time of day.

The light was exceptionally clear, holding the promise of another hot day. As I singed the back of my neck yesterday sitting out in the late afternoon sun, it’s probably just as well I’m avoiding the heat of the sun today. I hesitate to say summer has arrived though – knowing what British weather is like it could be snowing by next week….

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