The Filling Station

For pretty much the past three weeks I’ve been keeping off my feet as much as possible due to a foot injury. So, it was a particular joy to finally be well enough to manage a very easy stroll along the banks of the river Wye between Tintern and Brockweir with a patient Chris.

We had to walk at about half our usual speed but did have enough time to stop for coffee at my favourite cafe, The Filling Station.

I feel as if the last of the summer has passed us by and we’re into autumn already. The leaves are on the turn in the gardens and woods but we did find some late summer flowers hanging on in pots outside the Moravian church in Brockweir and in the hedgerows.

Some of the wooden figures at the Old Station appear to have had a facelift since we last saw them – Hafren, goddess of the Severn was looking more polished than usual and King Arthur has a new sword!

We avoided the area of Tintern Abbey today where a huge marquee has been erected inside the nave and there are security guards and trucks everywhere. Apparently a celebrity of some kind is getting married at Gloucester cathedral on Saturday and having their wedding reception in the ruined Abbey.

Well, I wish the couple all the very best but I’ll be glad when the tourists and wedding guests have gone home and Tintern is back to being itself again. The end of summer brings a welcome quiet serenity back to the valley.

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