Birthday on Blorenge

The Blorenge, parking at Keepers Pond, across to the summit and down to the Punch Bowl.

Bleak with a cold wind blowing but we met a gang of enthusiastic local ramblers who promptly told us we were far too young to be walking with them. They are out all year round and include some active eighty year olds!

The views were marred by cloud at the summit but lifted later to show the far reaching views from this lovely Black Mountain.

We headed to the Punch Bowl for lunch. Last time I was there with the family we met Kate Humble with her dogs; this year the only other human who turned up was a photographer who took some shots of us from the far side of the lake. Not sure why but I suppose you don’t often have people cooking lunch in November by the lake side which is what we were doing. This is how I chose to mark my birthday this year – many thanks to Chris who was chef and expert tea brewer!

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