I Lift My Eyes to the Hills

A damp foggy tramp deep into the forest of the Lower Wye Valley with Ian today. Having taken a rare day off work today he was blessed with poor views but we did find some signs of spring and more colour than expected.

Sometimes I look at the view over the forest and am reminded of the psalm 121 v 1 ‘I lift my eyes to the hills where my help comes from…’. On this occasion I thought of adapting this to ‘I lift my eyes to the hills even when I can’t see the top of them….’ A possible sermon is forming!

Also discovered some rather gorgeous Gloucester Old Spot pigs rooting around the back of Cleddon House. Very contently turning the scrubland over in search of treats, completely ignoring every other distraction. I only wish I was as single minded in my pursuits!

We can’t decide if the old carved face on the stile near Catbrook is a wolf or fox. Do any locals know how it got there and which it is?

Surprisingly colourful, this was a good route to choose today.

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