Around Devauden

Devauden, the Cot & Lower Veddw

We opted for a short walk – partly because I finally have my new boots so I am breaking them in but really because both of us have too much going on this week to spare a whole day – sometimes that’s enough to reset your mind into a more tranquil state.¬† And boy! We needed to do this today! Continue reading “Around Devauden”

Catbrook Loop

Tried using technology to navigate for us today instead of a traditional map. Turns out our map reading skills need fine tuning as THIS time we actually arrived at the places we supposed to. So instead of revisiting an old well known walk we ended up doing a new one! Chris¬†and I really need to brush up on our map reading skills ….

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Finally found the Suck Stone

After 11 years of walking around here we finally managed to find the Suck Stone and Near Hearkening Rocks! Turns out we’d always turned back too soon because you can’t miss the huge stones tumbled down the hillside. We lacked champagne to celebrate finally NOT getting lost in this part of the forest. We did find a welcoming pub in Staunton though, complete with a real fire and friendly Labradors.

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